Church NETWORk

We are part of a small network of church-planting churches that strive to obey Jesus' mission to make disciples in each of their cities. Together, we are like-minded in doctrine and style, yet not a denomination. We are friends who support and encourage each other, plant new churches, and follow Jesus together.

High Rock was planted out of one of these churches: Vine Church in Carbondale, IL. Scott Joseph, who was a pastor at Vine, initially felt God calling him to plant High Rock in 2007. In November of that year, the plans for starting the church were announced at Vine, and a team of 25 people responded to God's call to move to Bloomington to plant High Rock Church in 2008. Church planting in university cities is foundational to the church's past and to our plans for the future.

As part of a network of church-planting churches, it has been part of our mission in following Jesus to plant healthy, local churches in university cities throughout the West Coast and beyond. It is our hope to plant churches where students and families can come hear about Jesus in a clear, relevant way and learn what it means to follow Him and become disciples.