High Rock Youth

High Rock's Middle School and High School groups are a place where students can have a positive experience applying biblical principles to their lives.

We want our students to be authentic followers of Jesus through their own personal commitments to Him and their outward commitment to sharing His truth with others at their schools and throughout the community. We believe in doing this together through friendship, being genuine and transparent with each other, and having fun. Our youth group is designed so that students have lots of opportunities to bring their friends to the parties and events. During groups there are snacks, games, and relevant Bible discussion with the goal of helping students connect biblical principles to their everyday lives.

Our  middle  school  &  high  school  groups  meet  every  Sunday.  Contact  Jake  Newsome  for  more  information.

Jake Newsome

Youth Leader

Jake is our youth leader at High Rock Church. He oversees our middle school group on Sunday mornings and leads our High School group on Sunday nights. If you'd like more information about our youth group, feel free to email Jake by clicking the button below.